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Helping you design more innovative, engaging and effective conferences

Expand your thinking on what’s possible at your conferences

The Idea Factory can help you design your future events. Ed Bernacki works with teams to shape conference strategies based on, the ‘Seven Rules for Designing More Innovative Conferences’ methodology. Conferences which bring people face-to-face must create value or plan for the day when people will no longer show up in person. Options include:

  1. Consulting – Ed Bernacki has worked with conference teams to review the initial content plans to see how the design could create more value for participants and event owners. He used case studies to prompt new ideas that can create more value.
  2. Training – conference design (called meeting architecture in Europe) requires new skills and approaches. The Idea Factory can customize a training programme for your team.
  3. Idea Factory conference design workshop – this half-day session combines elements of education in conference design and applies it to your event. The objective is to learn about the process and explore ideas for a more effective design.

Why seven rules?

The seven rules are seven important conversations about conferences. We start by recognizing that the true experts at your conference are in the audience. Many say that learning, motivation and networking are important for conferences; we also explore engagement and collaboration. Benefits of the Conference Design Idea Factory:

  • A team that is energized about the potential for an event to create value for participants.
  • A clear strategy for the conference and more effective use of the resources.
  • A more compelling theme and design to interest participants.

Workshop Toolkit - Innovative Conferences Workshop Objectives - Innovative Conferences


Consulting and advisory services

Ed Bernacki has worked with many conference organizers.

  • The Canadian Public Service Alliance hosts 15 conferences yearly for members. District planners came together for a two-day conference on conference design.
  • The Ireland National Federation Conference: Innovation in Services for People with Intellectual Disability planned 8 three-hour workshops. Ed suggested eight idea factories. Each could solve a problem. A writer in each workshop captured ideas and recommendations. This led to an 80-page book of solutions distributed nationally.

Training and workshops

Ed Bernacki has delivered workshops on conference design to groups such as:

  • American Society of Association Executives – Great Ideas conferences, USA
  • Meeting Professionals International – USA, Canada
  • Meetings Events Australia

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For information to book the Conference Design Idea Factory contact Ed Bernacki 0401 919 127 or +61 401 919 127.