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How to Get the Most Value from Your Next Conference

Bridge the gap between the inspiration of a conference and action back at work. Start by developing your skills to become an effective conference participant.

After reading this book a conference participant said, ‘I had not thought about how I make notes since about Grade 5 when a teacher said, “summarize everything I say!” No wonder I made notes that I never looked at again? I did not realize how much I did not know about being an effective participant at conferences’.

Think about the last conference you attended. How effectively did you participate? Did you:

  • Take notes, but never look at them again?
  • Collect business cards from people who you can’t remember?
  • Sit through a keynote speech that seemed too dull to listen to?
  • Put your conference materials on a shelf or in a folder and ignore them?
  • Find a great idea and did nothing with it?
  • Spend most of your time with people you know?
  • Eat and drink more than usual?
  • Sleep and exercise less than usual?

If you answered ‘yes’ more than ‘no’, this book can help you to become a more effective conference participant.

Conference options

This book can be customized for an event or branded for sponsorship. An eBook version is available; a conference App version is in development. This book was written with over 15 years of experience in watching people at conferences and speaking at 250 conferences. There are three main ideas throughout this book:

  1. Ideas related to the resources people bring to a conference as a participant. These include your style of thinking, and sense of purpose, attitudes, and intuition.
  2. Ideas about the resources which surround you at a conference. These include speakers, panel discussions, workshops and other participants. Help build the skills of your participants to use their conferences resources wisely.
  3. Ideas on innovative thinking and innovation. I start with making useful notes. Yet the objective of attending a conference is not to make notes; it is use your notes to shape ideas that will be useful for your success after the conference. Some of these ideas can lead to innovations. These tools will help you to organize, process, and develop your thinking skills.

How to Get the Most Value from Your Next Conference book cover

How to Get the Most Value from Your Next Conference

Bridge the gap between the inspiration of a conference and action back at work.

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