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The Idea Factory

Changing the way we work

The Idea Factory helps people create new and original ideas for success.

Everyone knows we create things in factories. We can also create ideas in an idea factory. We can use this understanding to solve our challenges.

  • Raw materials: as with any factory, we need quality raw materials: people with the right skills, time, location and a challenge that defines the problem we want to explore and solve.
    Raw materials for idea factory
  • Processes the raw materials: to create original solutions means crafting processes to prompt or even provoke new ways of thinking to get the results we need.
    Manufacturing ideas at the idea factory
  • Shipping a result: all factories must ship a result to be productive. Expecting to achieve a result often creates the energy to keep at the process until we can ship a result.
    Final products being shipped from the idea factory

Through The Idea Factory, Ed Bernacki has worked internationally, published books and 250 articles, spoken at 200+ conferences and delivered many innovation training programs.

Ed Bernacki has explored several conference industry questions

Conference effectiveness

Why do people go to conferences, take notes and never look at them again?

What skills would make people ‘more effective conference participants’?

What drives the design of our conferences: the needs of participants or conference organizers?

What are conferences for?

Many say conferences are about learning, networking and motivation. Is this enough when so much content is free online?

What if some elements of our conferences focused on collaboration?

Technology: good or bad?

Does technology at conferences help or hinder effectiveness?

  • Administration – many Apps have replaced conference programmes
  • Effectiveness – does technology help participants get more value from a conference or is it a distraction?

Where’s the research?

The meetings industry is a billion dollar industry. Where is the research on how this investment is spent and how it could be more effective?

Ed Bernacki holding the Wow! That's a great idea! Conference Navigator Guide

The Idea Factory has defined two certainties

  1. Talking about innovation and thinking this makes you innovative is as effective as talking about physical fitness and thinking this makes you fit.
  2. We can’t Google the future. We have to create it. Googling your ideas does not make you innovative.